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Yes, this is a picture of me from 2011 and I have no shame in it.

For me, it was a low point in my health, which would only continue to decline in the coming months at that point in my life.

The thing was though, I was working out, I was measuring my food, controlling calories, yet, I continued to gain fat.

I remember Devon saying early on in the marriage, β€˜I don’t understand, you are so disciplined with your workouts and what you eat and you would think that it would lead to you being a little leaner’.

She was trying to be nice about it, the message was received loud and clear.

However, I was at a loss though. I was doing all the right things.

In the coming few summers, I would go for an all out push to get in shape for the summer, cutting my calories like I did when I was still competing in bodybuilding to 1600 calories or so per day, which was always a struggle.

I’d drop body fat, but I’d feel miserable and then there would always be the dreaded rebound. Each successive summer would get harder and harder to move the needle, just as I was noticing when I was bodybuilding as well.

It would have to be a little more extreme each time, but heck, I was a disciplined dude, I could do it.

All this to say, I learned for over a decade that the traditional model of cut calories, burn calories was a losing proposition.

Weight loss isn’t about calories.

Weight loss is about hormones.

If you put 2000 calories into a relaxed body, once per day or if you put 2000 calories into a stressed body spread throughout the entire day, two very different things would happen, I assure you that.

Connect the dots my friend, connect the dots.

-Kyle Newell

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