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A Maniacal Approach to Fat Loss

If you were to ask my brothers, they would tell you that when I was competing back in the day, I was out of my mind.

Not that I am not out of my mind anymore, it’s just directed to different efforts now.

Anyhow, if fat loss was involved, I’ve done it and tried it.

I almost put myself into the hospital a few times from drinking too much water.

I used to wear 3 sets of sweatsuits in the spring time in hopes that the heat would help with fat loss.

I would try exotic supplements, test concoctions on myself, eat 1300 calories per day for extended periods to see how much I could stand.

Heck, I even actually cried a few times because of the pain I was in from dieting so hard.

And I experienced the exact opposite of those efforts as well, meaning my body would revolt eventually.

Yes, I did damage, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I’ve turned over every rock and flipped every stone in my fat loss quests throughout the years.

And I’ve come to very definitive conclusions on how to actually lose fat permanently.

It’s not by cutting calories and burning calories…..

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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