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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last weekend, I was down in Atlantic City to help Kai, a high schooler, at his first bodybuilding show.

Helping him prep the past few months has been a pleasure.

And boy, did it bring back memories from my first contest back in 2004.

I tend not to think too much about my bodybuilding days, it was another life time ago.

But being asked to help Coach Kai, I couldn’t help but think of the foundation that bodybuilding laid for me.

The discipline.

The will.

The choice to suffer for the prep.

The intricacies of diet and training.

The mind.

Yup, it all started then.

In fact, it was in preparation for a show in 2007 that I began to build my library, what I recently termed, ‘The World’s Greatest Library’.

You can start down one path for what you intend to do at the time, but you never know how the journey will unfold and evolve.

If it wasn’t for getting into competitive bodybuilding way back when, there would more than likely not be a Newell Strength. I didn’t know it at the time, but that’s the point.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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