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A True Legend

A little over a week ago we lost my grandfather, Leo.

Many of you heard me speak of him before. He was always a big supporter of Newell Strength, coming to events, seminars and pretty much wrote me a reply to every single daily email he received.

He was also there, arm in arm with me, when we opened the gym against the state orders back in May. He believed in freedom and liberty, and was honored to have fought for the US of A in World War 2.

I was a blessed man to have such a long relationship with him.

He always pushed me, yet was also very understanding of my quirks.

His legacy will carry on, he lived on his own terms, learning and having the students mind right up until the end.

His memory will live on.

Cherish those you love, no matter their age, life is precious.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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