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A Weakness Turned Into a Strength

On our last day in Florida, we went out for a run. It was about an hour later than I would have preferred, which meant that the Florida sun was starting to bake.

Nonetheless, I wanted to go for at least 35 minutes. I did, but not before having to take a minute here and there to break.

It wasn’t physical distress or breathing that got me to stop. It was simply a weakness, mentally, which is the main reason I began to run a few months ago.

I haven’t had to stop during a run, albeit however briefly, for about a month.

But I stopped in Florida. And as I did a short recovery walk I focused on my breathing, picturing energy pouring in from the top of my head and coming up through my roots from the ground as well.

This gave me the juice to finish.

During the run right after breathing, I was struck by inspiration. That’s how inspiration happens. You can’t will it or force it.

It’s a good thing I had to stop for a moment on that day.

What was the inspiration? Nothing except the next road I am going to be taking the Panda down. Stay tuned.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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