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Advice to Foodies

Way back when I started dating Devon some 12 years ago, I remember telling her that I must really like her if I was willing to share my meal with her.

You see, at that time, I was someone that was what I would consider a foodie.

I loved food, heck, I still love food, it’s just that my mindset towards it has changed over the past few years.

A foodie just eats to eat, whether that is because of bingeing or because of control and needing to count every morsel that crosses their lips (yes, obsessing over food, even if you are ‘in shape’ is also to be considered a foodie in my humble, but accurate opinion).

While sitting with a Mind Map client a few weeks ago, she told me of this father in Thailand that she was recounting from her last visit there.

‘This father said he rarely ate meat anymore. Only reason being because his sons were now the ones that had to be big and strong, so the meat should be reserved for them’.

There’s a lot of wisdom in that line of thought. Mainly that he thought about food in terms that how many calories it had or what it tasted like. Food in his view served a specific purpose.

Enjoy your food, give thanks for how it tastes and nourishes you but DO NOT become obsessed by food.

Food is a drug, either it’ll control you or you can control you awareness towards it.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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