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Advice To Weekend Warriors

On one of my recent runs, I realized that I was coming up against my current physical limitations.

Notice, I said physical, not necessarily mental.

Anyhow, I knew that I now need to seek out some different running methods, systems and/or Coaching.

I have pretty good form, but there’s a lot that I don’t know.

If you are a weekend warrior and have taken your fitness to a pretty good level, but aren’t sure where to go next or what to do, then consider hiring a Coach.

A Coach or Coaching program is someone or something that can get you from a point you are currently at to a point where you cannot get to on your own (stagecoach).

That is, if you want to continue to expand and grow yourself.

If you are content, then remain content.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-If your reason for not starting an exercise program is because you don’t have time, then consider trying a month of personal training out with us at NS. Each workout is only 50 minutes and you’ll save hours upon hours of trying to figure out what to do on your own. Your time is precious. Email dana@newellstrength.com to find out more.

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