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Alarming Trend Amongst Dads

I don’t care what anyone says, in my world, men have a certain role to fulfill. Call it toxic if you want, whatever that means.

I come across a lot of people with the nature of what I do and I am always a student, observing people when I am out and about.

Dads, your main role is to be the protector.

Now, you can protect your children by disciplining when that needs to happen and by telling them NO when that needs to be heard.

But for today’s intents and purposes, I am talking about physical protection.

The trend I see is that a lot of men out there are doughy and project physical weakness. That’s ok if that’s you, it just means it's time to work on it.

You need to look at least a little bit the part and you need to know what it feels like to get into a scrap.

Let’s address issue number 1 first. As a man, to look the part, you need to have strong hands, muscular forearms and a thick upper back. Take stock.

Do you?

Don’t worry, if you don’t, I’d recommend doing a long set of farmers walks each week and take some 25 pound weights in each hand. Go as long as you can before putting them down, for some, that might be 2 minutes, for another 10 plus minutes.

Then, pick them up again and do it again.

Allow this to go on for 30 minutes at least. (I’d recommend farmers walk every workout too, but heavier and shorter distances). This works for starters though, and for the advanced. No form needed other than chest up, shoulders back.

Now, for the second piece.

I am a firm believer that every single dad and man should be able to take a punch, and also know what it feels like to get choked out.

Otherwise, what is going to happen if a situation arises, your family is standing behind you and you lose your wits because you panic at the first sign of a physical altercation.

I don’t condone violence or getting into fights, but you always need to be prepared and I can tell you that if you aren’t, it only takes one instance and then you may have a lifetime of regret on your hands.

Join a local martial arts school or go to a self-defense group.

No, you don’t need to look like Arnold or the latest 6-pack ab instagram model, but be tougher and look tougher.

Just some observations and food for thought.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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