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Amazing Day at the Water Park

Over Labor Day weekend, we were all down to my parents' new home down the shore.

It was a memorable weekend for sure, capped off with a Sunday trip to the water park.

As a kid, I loved water parks, still do.

It brought me right back.

If I wasn’t 3x the size as all the kids, you wouldn’t have been able to tell who the kid was. Or shall I say kids, because Devon and my bros were feeling the same as I.

Devon finished the trip by putting on a show for us on the Flow-Rider, in which you are pretty much boogie boarding in this funnel of raging water with everyone watching.

Impressive she was.

Devon was riding high the whole trip home that day.

All because she got to ‘play’.

Let us not forget that life isn’t so serious.

There’s more to it than simply increasing the speed.

Be a kid once in a while.

Be Unconventional – Kyle Newell

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