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An April Fool’s Day Birthday??

37 years ago today, Devon, aka Suzy Homemaker was born.

37 years young, a good point to be at.

I can tell you that Newell Strength wouldn’t be what it is and what it is going to become without Devon’s support.

When I have a crazy idea, like opening up a second location, she listened and said go for it.

When I wanted to open NS in May of 2020 despite the Governor’s restrictions, she said go for it.

When I resigned from teaching in 2012 and 3 days later the gym was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, and I was shown a unit double the size, she said go for it, even though I no longer had a safety net.

I’m one lucky guy, she gives me the support and space to operate the way that is best.

She’s sacrificed a lot for Newell Strength.

If you get a chance today, reach out and wish her a happy birthday (908-892-7758).

And, appreciate your partner like today’s the last day you have with them.

Be Unconventional - Kyle

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