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An Old Friend from the Bayou

Two weeks ago, I had the honor to workout with my longtime friend, Drew.

Drew was first a client, before Newell Strength as you now know it, back in 2008/09 back in the old PIT.

He would later become one of the very first Coaches at Newell Strength in 2011, before moving on down to New Orleans a few years later to open up his own fit biz.

It's been great to see his progression on so many levels and he makes sure to hit me up when he is coming back to Jersey to get a training session in.

No matter the jet lag or time crunch, he ‘comes home’.

Over the years, Newell Strength has become a living, breathing ‘thing’, in which we hope all people that are exposed to it, form a special connection with it.

Newell Strength is all of ours.

And you’ll always be welcome.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-If you are looking for a fun place to workout, while getting serious results, then try us out for a month and hang around the cast of characters that we have at Newell Strength. You can shoot an email to dana@newellstrength.com to find out more.

P.P.S-Our annual Block Party is back. On June 12th at 3 PM, mark it on your calendar. All are welcome, there will be a bounce house for the kids, grill will be going, the Wine Guys next door will be having tastings and more. Spread the word:)

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