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Are You Consuming Poison?

Not all food is created equal.

7 grams of protein made up of snake venom is vastly different than 7 grams of protein from a fresh chicken egg.

Just one of the many reasons worrying about your ‘macros’ (protein, carbs and fats) is foolish and silly.

Yet, your body will detoxify, purge and excrete the things that you eat that it doesn’t need.

The real poison comes out of your mouth, not in.


I am referring to gossip. Gossip is poison for your mind and soul.

Challenge yourself to refrain for a week, starting with today.

In Panda 2.0, one of the focuses besides different food fasting protocols, is going to be fasting from things like gossip.

Afterall, the main benefit you can get from a fasting focused lifestyle is more energy.

And on a non-physical front, nothing will rob you of energy like worry and gossip.

Just something to start thinking about.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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