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As Unbelievable as it Sounds…

A little over two weeks ago, I got home from Newell Strength on a Tuesday night, meanwhile, Devon was still there doing some work.

Tina, our good friend and part time sitter, shot the breeze with me for a few minutes before heading for home.

Shortly after she left, I heard the boys making a bit of noise and not long after, they came up.

Reporting to me that they were still hungry, they wanted a snack.

So, they grabbed some fruit snacks and headed down.

Well, a minute later, Brax resurfaced and told me he was having trouble opening the bags with their usual method of popping the bags, and he wanted to know if he could borrow the scissors.

I told him yes, but they had to get to bed because mommy would not be happy if they were still up when she got home.

Fast forward a few minutes and Suzy is home, in the kitchen, cooking dinner and she hears them.

I told her I would take care of it after I finished my delicious bowl of fruit.

A few more minutes went by and I headed down.

I caught the boys with the lights on and in a mad dash to get back to their beds.

Brax did not make it, so he froze and said, ‘Dad, we took it to the next level,’ while pointing at the floor to a pile of hair.

I said, ‘What do you mean that you took it to the next level?’

Brax: ‘We cut Colty’s hair’.

Now, mind you, Colty was just about to turn 4 and had yet to have a haircut. His hair was legendary to put it mildly.

And when I tell you that Brax literally cut it all off, he did.

I had to buzz the remainders the next morning.

I broke the news to Suzy, not sure how she would take it after remembering how she slept on the couch for 3 nights after I took Brax to get his first haircut at 3 years old and came home with a Joe Dirt mullet.

Anyhow, I am still alive, so it wasn’t that bad.

If you are going to laugh about it later, you mind as well laugh about it in the moment.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-If you are looking for a fun place to workout, while getting serious results, then try us out for a month and hang around the cast of characters that we have at Newell Strength. You can shoot an email to dana@newellstrength.com to find out more.

P.P.S-Our annual Block Party is back. On June 12th at 3 PM, mark it on your calendar. All are welcome, there will be a bounce house for the kids, grill will be going, the Wine Guys next door will be having tastings and more. Spread the word:)

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