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Attention Dads: Here is the Thing You Are Really After

When I was in high school and college, I remember really struggling with my intense introverted nature and feeling confident.

To me, I bought into the belief that confidence announces itself by displays of volume and by being the life of the room or party.

Yet, I was confused, because I was always internally very confident. I believed in myself, no matter what goal I set out to achieve. In fact, I still do. I don’t believe I have ever proclaimed something I wanted to do that I didn’t believe I could do.

That doesn’t mean everything I set out to do, I did.

But the point is, that internal belief.

As a dad, your two greatest assets are your energy and your confidence.

And no, you don’t actually have to be ripped to be a Ripped Dad. Being a Ripped Dad is about your state of mind….

As a dad, you want and need to be confident that you can get the job done, whether that is protecting your house, providing for your house, giving time and attention to your kids and spouse.

Your family expects you to be their super-hero, and they should.

So now you see why I say the only thing you really need is confidence.

Confidence allows you to believe in your mission and what you are setting out to do.

Heck, the reason I got into the gym back when I was a sophomore in highschool was to build more confidence. And over the years, the gym has been my foundation for feeling confident.

Because that is what it is afterall, confidence is a feeling.

It does not mean you have all the answers or that you know it all, but you are confident that you can find the solution to any problem that comes your way.

Learning to push your body past the limit where your brain tells you to throw in the towel is a key concept that I have found works over the years. Setting mini-goals in the gym, achieving them and then moving on to the next is another element of building your confidence.

You wanna know who the most attractive person is in any room?

It’s the person that has the most confidence. It has nothing to do with looks or having a six-pack.

So I’ll leave with this, what can you do to begin building up your confidence and once it’s where you want it, how can you maintain it?

-Kyle Newell

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