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Behold, BioSignature Serendipity

A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewing my longtime buddy, Big Tom.

And during the interview, we were reminiscing about the old days, when we would both go to Charles Poliquin seminars and compare notes on something known as BioSignature Modulation.

If you have been around for a while at Newell Strength, you remember the calipers and software. It’s how we used to measure body composition.

Once we got bigger, it wasn’t feasible to do consistently on every single client.

But man oh man, was it cool.

I told Big Tom that I was going to look into reactivating my license and, wouldn't you know it, later that day, out of the blue, whom I had never met before, reached out to me to see if he could sign up for BioSignature Coaching.

The Universe was speaking and listening to me.

It gives us a glimpse of what is going on hormonally inside a client, without having to look at blood work, although blood work validates the readings.

If you are interested, just email us. But more importantly, when the seed is ready to bloom, it’s ready, so you better be ready.

P.P.S-Panda Challenge #8 begins on Thursday, July 8th. I am taking only 10 students, of which, ALL are guaranteed dramatic results and a life altering experience. If you need a reference or 3, just ask. You can apply here, but only if you finally ready to transform your body and mind forever: www.kylenewell.com/panda

P.P.P.S-If you are interested in one on one personal training, and not just any 1-1 training, but the best one on one training in the entire state of New Jersey, then you can email dana@newellstrength.com and she will get the conversation going with you.

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