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Beware the shake oil salesman

Back in 1996, I tried creatine for the first time. It was mysterious and could turn you into He-Man, at least that’s what I thought as a freshman playing highschool football.

A year or two later, I began drinking my first ‘shakes’.

If I recall correctly, it was the ‘Mega Mass 5000’ shake, with a banana flavor.

Man, that stuff tasted like chalk. I literally had to plug my nose with each sip.

But it was worth the struggle, because I remember just being so dedicated to putting on size that I embraced eating a couple of pieces of overcooked fish followed by one of these shakes.

That was my meal after I got home from school.

And of course, throughout the following 15 years or so, I bought into the need to have protein shakes.

However, in 2007, after coming back from a weird ‘disease’ that I had for a few years, I competed again in bodybuilding, but as part of my prep, I decided to only eat real food, no shakes.

That was the best year I ever had as a competitor and I broke the traditional dogma of having to fuel your muscles with protein shakes.

Nowadays, it seems like every fit pro is trying to sell you a shake.

Or they are trying to get you on a shake-only diet or something of the sort.


‘Here, try this bottle for $60, it’ll last you for 3 weeks, it tastes artificial and you’ll drop weight as long as this is all you consume. But once you stop drinking them, you’ll put on weight again, so your only option will be to continue to subscribe to my shake system for life’.

You don’t need protein shakes.

Shakes are for fakes.

Shake Oil salesmen are good at complicating the process. All you have to remember in this instance from Mind Map is this question, ‘Is the approach I am taking making things more simple or more complex?’

If it's the latter, you are barking up the wrong tree.

The next time a ‘Shake Oil’ salesman offers you one, tell them you’d rather eat your calories.

-Kyle Newell

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