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Beware the Shake Oil Salesman

Two weeks ago, I was in the gym by myself, which is a rare occurrence these days.

And in the 25 minutes I had, I got an intense, quick hitter workout in.

Lucky for me, when I am in solitude or when I am pushing my body, ideas seem to come to me in abundance.

‘Shake Oil salesman’. It kept repeating my head.

Obviously a take on snake oil salesman for those of you too young to have never heard that phrase before.

But they are the same in their conniving ways.

Any fit pro that is trying to push shakes down your throat and get you on an eating program that is largely shake based should be looked at with great skepticism and disdain.

Shakes are for fakes.

The concept of eating and feeding in small frequencies throughout the day is so apparently and blatantly wrong to me now that I can only think for a fit pro not to realize this, they are either too lazy to do the research or are blatantly being a wolf in sheep's clothing.

More to come on this new character, The Shake Oil salesman.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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