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Biggest Senior Buffet in the Country

On Christmas eve, we get together with my side of the family at my grandparents home.

My Uncle Ed joked that you couldn’t find that many 90 year olds in the same room anywhere in the country because of all this COVID craziness.

We had a good laugh over that.

All in all, there were four 92+ year olds, doing what Italians do on Christmas Eve.

You see, my grandparents and aunts lived through WW2, my grandfather was in the Pineapple Division in WW2 and they made up their mind from day one back in March that they would go about their life.

Life is about living.

Most people seem to go through life not recognizing the fact that death is a part of life. We are all going to die, it’s not to be feared.

Fear makes people do irrational things and act in illogical ways.

We keep things as normal as possible in my family and at Newell Strength. You can agree or agree to disagree and that’s fine. That’s what liberty and freedom are all about.

However, if you want a taste of ‘normal’ or know someone that does, send them our way.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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