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Black Burning Brownies

Sundays have always been a chill out night for Devon and I.

In fact, it's hard to get us out for a function on a Sunday afternoon, not out of arrogance, but because we both know it’s a super important ritual we’ve built over the years to recharge and renew for the week.

Whelp, 2 weekends ago, after I put the boys down, I got a few burgers ready to pop into the oven for part of my Sunday cheat day.

I set a different timer, the one on the microwave, rather than the one on the stove, which I normally use.

I am not sure why I did this, but I did.

Devon and I were laying in front of the fire, watching the movie, Inception, when she said, ‘Is something burning?’

I replied that it was probably just some of the chicken scrap that was still on the pan from her dinner (I used the same cooking pan).

A few more minutes went by and I said, ‘Hey, take a look and see if anything is smoking’.

To my surprise, she said, ‘Do you have something in the microwave?’

Nope, I was just using the timer, or so I thought.

Rather, I had set the microwave to cook for 20 minutes, and worse, there were 3 brownies on a plastic serving plate that I had put up there as storage so the pups wouldn’t get them.

I had completely burnt them to a crisp and worse, melted the plastic.

Lesson learned and owned.

There was a lack of attention to detail by me in this case and luckily, Devon had already made more dessert for my Sunday night sundae.

Never will I make that mistake again.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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