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Brax Becomes Batman at BMX

A few weeks ago I shared the story of how Braxton went to the BMX track to race for the first time and he was a natural.

Well, Munchie has kept at it and looks forward to going every week.

This past weekend, he wanted to wear his Batman costume, so we let him. He did his first couple of laps with the cape and mask on.

Looking back at the video, he was ‘Batman’. I could see that he felt the cape flapping in the wind while he was going over the hills.

The story he was telling himself at that moment was that he was Batman, he was in character.

And yes, Brax is certainly a character. I love characters, it’s a good thing to be your own character rather than being one of the mindless zombies going through groundhog day, every day.

Going back to the story: in his mind, it didn’t matter that he wasn’t actually Batman, he wanted to be Batman so he became Batman. We are all just living the story we are telling ourselves about our life in our own mind.

Him being Batman is not different than you believing that you have a tough life with the world against you.

Just tell yourself a different story.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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