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Brax was Champ for a Day

Two weekends ago, right after our charity 5K at the Boro location, I shot over to the BMX track with Brax, Tank and their cousin Essie.

Brax has been working hard at his craft and when we go for our weekly bike rides, I push him on the home stretch, trying to beat him and darned if he doesn’t beat me (granted I am towing the other two), but I do not allow it to happen or let him beat me.

His Funcle, Gavin, has been guiding him and helping him for 3 years now with BMX and Lord knows, Suzy, is a competitor.

Brax has all these guides helping him to become the best he can be.

So, in the first race, he focused and did the things we have been working on, pedaling hard right out of the gate and continuing to pedal throughout the race.

He took 3rd out of 7 and qualified for the finals.

But, I noticed that he could have attempted to pass the two kids in front of him but a little bit of fear stopped him.

Before the finals, I reminded him that he beats me consistently and that if he sees an opportunity to pass someone, to go for it. The worst thing that would happen is he would crash, but that’s why he wears a helmet.

Yes, a bit of mindset Coaching going into the finals.

Well, in the finals, he got out to a hot start and I knew he believed he could do it.

About half way through, the kid that took first the first round, passed him, but it was ever so brief.

Brax saw a gap and took his first place spot right back.

As an excited dad, I ran down a steep slope, precarious as it was, to make it to the finish line so I had a clear view as he continued to pedal hard right through the finish line.

Champ for a day! He did it! First place!

Mindset and belief are always the determining factors in success in life, even at 5 years old.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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