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Braxton Becomes BMX

Ten days ago, we went over to the BMX track as a family at the invite of my brother in law.

He kept telling us that Braxton would love to ride the track and the sport.

So, we didn’t know what to expect, but I did know enough to make sure he wore long pants, just in case.

In the first practice lap, he fell going around the steep embankment turn, but got up and kept going.

That was the only time he fell the entire night.

When it came time to race, he finished 2nd out of 5 kids and all of them were 3 years old, he was the only two year old.

Yes, I was a proud papa!

It reminded me of the movie, White Men Can’t Jump. Braxton shows up in a regular bike helmet, a Batman t-shirt and a regular old strider bike and doesn’t look the part.

But when the competition got going, he showed up.

When we left that night, we had to basically tear him away from the track. He was in heaven.

He didn’t have fear, even after he fell. He was only thinking about the exact moments that he was racing on the track. He was BEING, not thinking.

Thus, Braxton became BMX on that night. The musician is one with his musical intstrument.

Find the lesson in here.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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