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But I Was Told Calories Were All That Mattered In Terms of Weight Loss..

I don’t blame you.

I did the same thing and believed the same thing for a long time.

Yes, I am referring to the myth of calories being the end all be all.

Calories are just a form of energy that are considered a drug.

Yes, food is a drug, by all intents and purposes. This is one of the main things that I teach in the Panda Challenge.

Food affects the internal, biochemical and hormonal environment of the body; i.e-the definition of a drug.

Anyhow, you needn’t focus on micromanaging your calories anymore.

Calories take care of themselves when you start to go to work on a hormone known as Insulin.

The main top level mission of the Panda philosophy is begin to heal insulin resistance.

Insulin is the main storage hormone in the body. By far the most anabolic, a word you’ve probably heard before. Anabolic means growth.

But when it comes to insulin, most of the time, the growth is in anything but our muscles.

Insulin’s main role is to clear glucose from the blood and to bring that number back to an acceptable level.

You eat, blood glucose goes up, insulin is released to send the signal to get that glucose into the cells of the body and then return to baseline.

The problem nowadays is that so many people have done damage to their insulin mechanism and become known as what is called insulin resistant.

This term means that the body has become less and less responsive to insulin, thus, each time you eat, it requires a little more insulin to do the same amount of work. Eventually, insulin cannot keep up and you become classified as a type 2 diabetic and will proceed to go on medication that will only address the symptoms of the problem, making the problem worse.

So, why I am focusing on insulin for you? If you are insulin resistant, you are inflamed. Inflammation and insulin resistance go hand in hand and are directly related to nearly all disease in the human body and are present when you are overweight.

Being overweight is a result of insulin resistance and inflammation, which can affect so many food related processes in the body that entire books have been written on the topics.

Rather than tell you what to focus on in terms of fixing and healing your insulin resistance (I’ll do that in next Monday’s weight loss article), allow me to highlight the bullet points of some of the things that can lead to insulin resistance:

-Lack of quality sleep. And no, 6 hours is not enough, even it is quality.

-Eating too often. Even if it is ‘clean food’. The eating to frequently problem gets worse if you are eating a lot of refined foods.


-Lack of physical movement.

-And lack of certain supplements and micronutrients such as sodium and magnesium.

Sometimes, the best place to start is knowing what to look for and then adding in the solution.

Thus, the order of my insulin writings for you over the next couple of articles.

Ask questions if you have any.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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