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Check Your Second Quadrant

About 15 years ago, I first read Steven Covey’s book, The 7 Skills of Highly Effective People.

It was and remains a must read in my humble but accurate opinion.

In that book, Covey talks about his quadrant system. Each quadrant is a combination of 2 characteristics.

And while it's helpful to look at quadrants 1,3 and 4 to recognize where you may be spending too much time, quadrant too is where one should focus to make sure they are squeezing the most juice out of each day.

Quadrant 2 is termed, ‘important and not urgent’.

Because it's not urgent, it usually gets put on the back burner, yet it will have the most impact in our daily lives.

One of those things in quadrant 2 is sharpening your saw, part of which is studying. Yet, most people view studying as separate from work and they’ll fit it in ‘someday’.

Listen, studying should be built into your day. It’s that important. Reading and studying has always been what’s gotten me out of many ruts and kept me moving forward, keeping me ahead of the curve.

I highly recommend studying Covey’s quadrant 2 and making it a mission here in the New Year to plan your days around these concepts.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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