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Choose Your Own Adventure

The 1980’s.

What a great time.

I love everything 80’s and have fond memories of that time because it’s when life was still innocent and the styles were crazy, the pop-culture was amazing and the music was off the chains.

Yes, I was a youngster then, but as my brothers will tell you, I have quite the memory. I can recall things from the time we lived in Michigan in the early to mid 80’s with no problem.

Anyhow, I was fresh into elementary school in 1986/1987 and I recall the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books.

They were so cool.

But here’s the thing, you are choosing your own adventure every single minute.

Two weeks ago, I went with the pups, Brax, Emma and Niki down to the river to show them a dead buck that a bigfoot killed (the kids came up with that, man did it make me proud).

And it was going to be near impossible for the kids to get to the island that the dead buck was on.

Normally, I would have told Braxton NO, that I won’t carry you across the river. But I caught myself and I did it. Why not? I only have so many moments like that left in life.

Yeah, my boots were soaked, but it was 100% worth it.

You create your own reality, moment by moment.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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