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Cinco De Testosterone

A week and a half ago, I had the first live seminar that I’ve done since covid began over a year ago.

It was great in my humble but accurate opinion and I think all the people there got what they were looking for.

But what the heck right do I have to present to a group of men about testosterone and testosterone therapy?

I am not a doctor, that’s for sure.

Just because you don’t have an ‘x’ degree, you can indeed still become a world class expert in anything you choose to study.

I’ve been studying testosterone since the early 2000’s when my bodybuilding career began and I have tons of real world experience with helping men with it.

Continue to build your ‘unique’ stack of skills, until you have such a unique stack that your knowledge base is world class.

Become the fullest, weirdest version of yourself.

By the way, you can take a listen to the seminar here, enjoy!:

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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