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Congratulations Buddy

13 days ago, I went into Newell Strength to train a few 1-1 clients.

Keep in mind, it was the day after Memorial Day.

Anyhow, I see Brian, a friend and member and the first thing he says is, ‘Congratulations buddy!’

I looked at him a little confused and said, ‘For what?’.

He went on to say that he read my article that day and it said that Devon was pregnant again!

Since we had a short morning on Memorial Day, I was only able to get my daily emails for the week written and not the 4 articles I put out in addition to that each week.

So, I pulled up some old articles that fit the script for what I had in my notes for the week and proceeded to schedule them to go out that week.

Well, one of them was from a trip I took down to Tampa in 2017 and I mentioned in that article that Devon was pregnant again (with Colty).

I didn’t realize that was in the article as I knew the content of the article by the title but not the exact specifics of what I wrote.

Devon got a few more texts and congratulations last week, only to have to explain to them that no, she was not currently pregnant.

Life is always fun and entertaining, embrace it.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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