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Create Your Character

Coach Niki, aka Nik the Quick, gave us a gift card to one of our favorite new spots, The Rocky Hill Inn.

So, we had a date night two Friday’s ago and it was a blast.

There’s one dude there that has become quite the character for us, we refer to him as McLovin, from the SuperBad movie.

Well, this time around, he was there, not our waiter, but there.

Mind you, he was our waiter back in May at a rehearsal dinner and I somehow got to calling him McLovin, which he fully embraced.

Devon couldn’t remember if he already had the nickname or we gave it to him.

Turns out we gave it to him, according to him.

And when we were leaving, I said, ‘See ya later McLovin’, after we did a birthday shot with him to celebrate his birthday which was the following day.

One of the other servers said, ‘I love that you call him that and he responds to it’.

You see, being a character is a great thing, it means you are interesting and that you are acting on the stage of life.

Who’s your character? What are you holding back?

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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