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Did You Ever Hear of a Craven?

3 weeks ago, we were at a mini zoo down in Florida.

It was what Devon wanted to do for her birthday and the kids were all geared up for the day.

Early on in our adventure, Emma was bouncing back and forth between Devon and I, just 20 feet apart. Well, we both took our eyes off of her for a second and next thing you know she is crying.

The Little Warrior stuck her fingers inside one of the cages and a Craven tried to eat her finger.

Devon washed her little fingers and she wound up being fine.

I actually looped back around to find out what type of bird it was and lo and behold, it was a Craven.

I had never heard of a Craven. I know of a raven, a crow and heck, I even know of the mythical Kraken. But not a Craven.

It’s a cross between a crow and raven, a decent sized predatory bird.

We can learn something new every day if we so choose and Emma learned a lesson the hard way as did Devon and I.

But, when you learn lessons the hard way, they are much more likely to ‘stick’.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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