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Discovering How to Do New Things

About 11 days or so ago, I built a bike ramp for the boys.

And while it’s by no means perfect, it’s pretty solid, I am happy with it.

As a matter of fact, this year, I have been dabblig with fixing and building more things with wood, something I’ve always been curious about, but I just didn’t have the proper tools I guess.

Once my dad gave me a nice table saw, it opened up a whole new world for me.

Sometimes, you are just missing one key tool, be it a certain mindset component or way of doing things.

Other times, you are better off hiring a Coach or having a mentor show you the way.

Either way, you can’t progress until you figure out the first obstacle.

Is it a lack of hardware or software?

When you break things down like that, it becomes much easier to progress, rather than thinking about numbers x, y and zed.

Stay focused, be curious.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-If you feel like you are at a dead end with your fitness and have no idea where to begin, we got you. All you have to do is email dana@newellstrength.com and she will provide you the guidance you are looking for, no strings attached.

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