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Domesticating an Elephant

13 days ago, I took the boys to the Safari at Great Adventure along with a few of their cousins.

One of the highlights was getting up close to the elephants. The boys were going crazy!

And listening to the guided tour, I learned that they can grow up to 7 tons big. That is massive, I knew they were massive but this number blew my mind.

Which instantly made me think of something I heard years ago: In India, they train elephants by simply tying a small rope, connected to a stake in the ground, to one of their legs.

How can this be?

Well, they start when the Elephant is young and doesn’t have the power to break the rope.

In other words, it becomes conditioned to stay put when that rope is on the hind leg.

It doesn’t matter that it could break the rope in a fraction of a second.

Where has your mind been conditioned to accept reality on its face value?

Think about it.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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