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Don’t Let the Ghouls Get You Tonight

3 weeks ago, while sleeping, I was bitten by a brown recluse spider.

That’s the consensus anyhow, no way to know 1000%.

Over the course of that first week or so, the bite area mutated into something that looked like leprosy. I kept it covered so as not to freak people out.

Scary things can happen when the sun goes down. At least that’s what our imagination will have us believe.

This time of year, tonight and tomorrow night, imaginations run wild with scary things and possibilities. It’s the imagination that makes Halloween so magical, at least for me and mine.

If imagination is that powerful, when people can pretend to be something other than they are, then why aren't we using it more often to mold the life we want?

Imagination is the greatest nation on earth.

I’ll be teaching visualization and theater of the mind in an upcoming, small, private workshop. Stay tuned for details.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-We are now accepting trial clients for our November Trinity Transformation. It begins November 1st and we can take up to 10 people per each location. If you are interested, you can reply to this email and we will set up a short call with you. Act now or you’ll miss out until next month.

P.P.S-We will be having our annual Thanksgiving workout for charity on Thanksgiving morning at 7 AM sharp. It will be outdoors due to circumstance but the show must go on. Non-members are welcome to join including out of town visitors. There is a minimum $10 donation to participate. All proceeds will be going to a local man, more details to come.

P.P.S-Our annual deadlifting contest for charity will be Saturday, December 12th. If you’d like to participate, you can send an email to matt@newellstrength.com

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