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Double Your Speed in Just One Hour

Last weekend, we had Braxton’s birthday party.

And being that last year was such a smashing success, we decided to keep it relatively similar to last year with a few upgrades.

One of those upgrades was to not only have BigFoot running around the 30 acre park but also, Mike Myers.

I swear to you, each kid there could have fun a world class 40 yard sprint if we had a clock on them when they were being chased throughout the woods by one of the characters.

Parents always want to talk about speed and agility with their kids, but all you need to do is have a BigFoot around.

But seriously, speed is a function of strength, as a matter of fact, all other athletic qualities are a function of strength.

Think of strength as the glass bowl. The bigger the bowl, the more room you have to expand your other athletic qualities.

You want to get faster, even if you are a marathon runner?

Get stronger so that you can apply more force into the ground with each step on the pavement.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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