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Fake Fitness Expert Nonsense

It’s KiMiNs back at ya.

This time, I have to address some of the nonsense that is spewed by Fake Fitness Experts all over the world.

Before I do that, know this.

Once you know the rules, you can break the rules.

Its ignorance of the rules that lead to bad advice.

For example, I know that in weight gaining situations, I can hop back to the old-skool type of nutrition for clients. I still focus on insulin sensitivity but I know that trying to jam 4,000 calories into a single feeding isn’t plausible for most people out there.

You always keep the truth as far as principles alive when it comes to fitness and nutrition (and I’d imagine every field out there) but you can break the rules.

Part of what makes a Fake Fitness Expert is the when they become so married to their ideology that they won’t bend, and won’t stray from traditional dogma, no matter how silly it seems to people that have continued to grow their knowledge base and pile on the years of experience.

Anyhow, here’s a few things that come to mind when it comes to the FFEs wanting to complicate everything.

-There are over 600 muscles in the human body and if you leave it to the FFEs, they want to train each one individually. This group of the biceps on this day and this of that on this other day and so on. Want to know how many movements the human body can perform? 5. It can change levels, extend the hip, push, pull and carry/core training. Do those five things and you will train it all.

-They want you to cut out something completely. Whether that is your glass of wine, the entire food group of carbohydrates, your love for running and the list goes on. FFEs think information and willpower are the name of the game. They aren’t. They are tools. IF you don’t find pleasure in your fitness quest, it won’t work, trust me.

-You know what a supplement is? It is something that supplements your normal intake of food. It is not meant to be an entire category unto itself. You don’t need magical potions and shakes after every workout. You don’t need to be taking 20 different pills per day. Get your micronutrients from your food. Get your protein from your food. Want to know a great pre-workout? A cup of coffee and a half tsp of salt. Not together but before your workout.

You can go down Alice’s rabbit hole and be more confused than when you started your journey or you can ask yourself: Is the approach I am taking or being told to take making things more simple or more complex?

Remember, complexity is the enemy of execution.

-Kyle Newell

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