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Fatigue Makes You a…

Earlier this month, I was drained.

Yes, fatigue had settled in.

So many different great things I am fortunate enough to be working on and building, but I still need to remember to pump the brakes sometimes.

Add to that our epic Mt. Washington Summit, which was unbelievable, and I was tapped.

That took every ounce of my being to complete, which while exhilarating, fatigued me even more.

I am not telling you this to complain, I wouldn’t trade my path for anyone’s, but I wanted to share with you that fatigue is common to us all.

And when fatigue settles in, you become a coward. Your brain doesn’t work the same way, it picks up on the negative.

I begin to focus on the GAP, not on the moment. (The GAP is the thought of where I ‘should’ be by now).

Funny thing is, some good rest and sleep seems to completely turn this state of mind around.

Just something for you to be aware of.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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