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First Fish Frenzy

A week and a half ago, I took the boys fishing with one of my mentors, Richie.

No more than 5 minutes in, one of the poles shook and bam, there was a fish on the line.

We positioned Braxton on the pole and he fought and reeled, fought and reeled, until the rainbow trout came into view.

Colty was there, waiting with his net, excited about the prospect of netting the fish.

That he did and boy, were the boys excited!

I was able to get the whole thing on video, amazingly, as Richie and his sons helped the boys.

Richie has been guiding me the past 6 months on becoming more of an outdoorsman and in that regard, you could consider him a Coach to me.

A Coach is someone that can teach you and help you get from where you currently are to a place you want to go.

Sometimes, it's in terms of speed, other times, knowledge and other times, accountability.

Where do you need Coaching in your life?

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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