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Last Sunday, we started out our day by going to Church, in which we heard a beautiful couple of songs by this couple from Texas.

In between their performance, the associate Pastor gave a phenomenal sermon. Not only was his message infused with wisdom, but his ability to publicly speak was an A+.

I study public speaking a lot, being that it’s an interest of mine and something that I long ago decided I was going to become the best I could at.

I know a speaker is polished when they use minimal, if any, extraneous words, such as ‘like, um, yeah, but, ok’. There’s actually a fun game I play with myself in regards to this that I’ll save for another email.

Anyhow, that same night, we went out on a double date with my brother Brooks, aka Budgy, and my sister in law, Lynne, to celebrate his birthday. We went to a comedy show to see the infamous JB Smoove.

We are all big fans of his and let me tell you, the guy performed for over an hour and his transitions were seamless.

Circling back to the way our day started with the beautiful music, I can tell you that all 3 performers practiced hours on end to deliver their ‘art’. It didn’t just happen.

So, your free advice? It starts with setting a goal and then attacking the first step and repeating the process until you have a level of mastery over ‘it’.

Very few people roll out of bed and have mastery over anything. Some of us possess more natural talent in certain areas, but don’t allow that to distract you. You are in control of your mastery.

It all begins with knowing what your target is….

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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