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For the past 2 decades, I have been studying fat loss.

And not just studying the science, but applying it.

I’ve done it all, many times putting my health on the line just to see what was possible.

While I don’t recommend that approach for everyone, or anyone really for that matter, it is part of the reason I was able to develop such a deep direct knowledge of fat loss.

For example, I know that when in the correct hormonal environment, you will begin to urinate more when fat loss is occurring.

I know that ‘squishy fat’ is a good sign and means that you are about to drop some serious body fat.

I’ve tried sleeping 4 hours per night, heat, extreme overhydration (definitely don’t do that!)1300 calories per day while training twice per day, illegal substances and the list goes on.

The thing that works best is what I am currently doing and if I were ever to try to get shredded up for a contest again, it would be utilizing my system of Panda fasting.

What makes it so effective?

Well, it checks all the boxes on the following list. Keep in mind that this can be done without fasting to the degree that I recommend. As long as you know the principles, you can set it up however you’d like.

-> Insulin must be kept low when trying to lose body fat. Intense exercise will drive insulin levels down. As will not eating or limiting how often you eat. Either way, exercise should be performed when insulin levels are low. One of the big reasons I recommend a morning workout if you can.

-> Glycogen levels must be low. How does that happen? Either through limiting carbohydrates to a degree, because carbs convert to glycogen the easiest of the macros or by constantly riding the wave. By this, I mean not following something silly like a keto diet, but by having a system that constantly keeps you in this state, like the Panda Diet fasting system.

->Hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) must be elevated. You do this through lower insulin levels, elevated glucagon levels (which happens when insulin is low) and increasing catecholamine levels such as adrenalin/epinephrine. You can elevate these compounds through intense exercise and through the use of stimulants like caffeine. Just be mindful that the overuse of compounds like caffeine cause them to be less effective over time.

I could go on, but if I were to break it down, I’d recommend: Exercising intensely in a fasted state and limiting how often you eat.

And of course, that’s assuming that water intake (sodium) is adequate and sleep is on point. Sleep is the best diet in the world.

If you have questions on this, then consider signing up for my upcoming FREE webinar all about fasting. See the link below.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S.-You can register for one of the free spots at my webinar on May 9th by going here: https://panda.newellstrength.com/fastingwebinar-9822

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