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From College Dropout to Super Success

I remember about 8 years ago when Omar first came to Newell Strength. Little did I know then that he would become an inspiration for me.

Omar trained consistently over the next 6-7 years and is now back training with us at Newell Strength, but under very different circumstances.

One of the things that always stood out about Omar was that he took to heart and practiced what I taught him about breathing and mindfulness.

Over the course of time, I felt a deep bond with him. He would share his struggles with me and we would work on his inner game. Well, it came as a very pleasant surprise when he reached out to me last year to let me know that he had started his own landscaping business, Sultan Services.

You can take a look or listen to the interview here:

This man hustles and has taken the road less traveled. To find out more about Sultan Services you can reach out directly to Omar on his personal cell at 908-307-6031.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-We are now offering 1-1 personal training in addition to our small group memberships. If you want personalization to a higher level and more privacy, then you might want to check this out. The schedule is flexible and you can pick which Coach you would like to have, including me (yes, I am going to be around a bit more in the coming months). Send a reply to this email if you’d like to try out a free session (worth $100!).

P.P.S-We are coming back full force with Ripped Dads! There will be plenty of content for all you dads out there and our signature 6-week Ripped Dads program is making a comeback. Keep your eyes peeled and get excited all you dads out there:)

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