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Have You Ever….

Two weeks ago, I was sitting with a group of 9 peers, from around the country, in our CEO Mastermind group.

The group is headed by one of my great friends, Vince.

Well, in this group, you have to stand up in front of the group and basically expose yourself.

Imagine standing in front of the room naked for 90 minutes.

That would be more comfortable for most people than to share and expose issues you are having in life and business and getting feedback in front of all these other people that have their ish together.

Why would one do this willingly? Even more, why would one invest a large sum of money to do this?

Because, feedback is essential to growth. And having extreme accountability is something that winners crave.

How many times have you asked in the past year what you can be doing better?

How many times have you consciously thought about the direction of your life as something more than just a random clump of events? You are made in the likeness, you are the Creator of your life.

See below if you’d like to design your life on a higher level this year by coming to our goal setting workshop…

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S.- If you’d like to attend our Newell Strength Goal Setting workshop, it is being held tomorrow night, Thursday the 27th at 8PM at our Hillsborough location. It’s events like these that separate the great players from those that are just happy to be on the team. You can check it out here: www.newellstrength.com/goals22 (Seats are limited, take action NOW).

P.P.S-Many of you have been asking for a kick start program for 2022. Well, here you go, scientifically designed and strategically beginning FEB 1 instead of January 1st to get you results and momentum you need to make this your transformational year. This is FREE for current members, but you still must register. If you aren’t currently a member, then this is quite possibly the best investment you can make for 28 days. You can inquire about one of the 10 spots here: https://www.newellstrength.com/28-day-blitz

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