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Have You Ever Forgotten Something Like This?

Two weeks ago, I was having a great daddy day, which we were going to wind up with bringing a pizza to my grandmother, Chrissy’s house, for her and the kids to share. (I have Mexican Wednesday nights with Suzy).

It was a half cheese, half no-cheese and sausage pizza, since Chrissy doesn’t eat cheese.

I had it all planned so while Emma, Brax and I were waiting for Colty at taekwondo, we would walk down the pizza shop so it was all ready to go when we left.

The timing worked out perfectly.

We got the pie and I was buckling this kid up then that kid and back and forth.

Man, we were going to get there early, what perfection.

Until about a mile down the road, when I looked at the passenger seat in my truck and I didn’t see the pizza. I quickly glanced in the back near the kids, no pizza.

‘Brax, where’s the pizza?’

‘I don’t know dad.’

Son of a gun, if I didn’t leave it on the ledge of the bed while I was buckling them up.

We turned around on a mission to find it but didn’t see it, it was nowhere to be found in the parking lot, no one returned it (I was hopeful as silly as that sounds).

So, we ordered another one and wound up being 20 minutes late.

I’ve been a bit forgetful with short term stuff lately, mainly because of so much in the air right now for us and not getting as much sleep as I need.

Sleep, fasting and working out, 3 of the best things you can do for your brain.

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And don’t forget to double check for your pizza before you get in the car:).

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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