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Have You Ever Seen Flying Rats?

A few weeks ago, I drained the hot tub to clean it out.

This was during a super cold snap, which I didn’t really concern myself with.

Well, once the water was drained, I flipped it up on it’s edge.

Mind you, I do this myself, so I never know what is going to be underneath the hot tub.

We’ve had corn snakes, garter snakes, mice, rats and so on.

They go underneath most of the time to stay warm, especially in the winter.

As I had it up on its edge, out came a giant flying rat, nearly hitting me in the side of the head.

And then another one.

They had completely dug out the insulation and were nestled in a nook.

The important thing is that I know I can never know what I will find underneath, which allows me to formulate a response rather than to react. If I react when I am doing such a thing, I would most likely drop the hot tub and get injured.

Your brain is a fascinating tool, a beautiful tool, just make sure you know how it operates.

That’s where Mind Map comes in.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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