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Have You Ever Seen This Movie?

A week and a half ago, Devon and I had our second at home date night with the kids in the house.

We set the kids up with ‘kids’ night downstairs with a kids movie, popcorn, candy and the like.

They seem to like ‘date night’ as much as us.

It was my time to plan this go around and I decided to go with a breakfast theme.

Which meant that part of the night was watching the Breakfast Club, one of my favorites and one that Devon had never seen in full.

In the movie, you have 5 totally different types, by which at the end of the movie, they are bonded. It doesn’t seem possible at the beginning of the movie, they are all so different.

But, when you realize the 4 levers to developing any relationship, you can see that there is no other option, of course they grow together.

Those 4 levers are: intensity, duration, frequency and proximity. The Breakfast Club gang ticks four of those boxes.

Think about how it applies to your own life.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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