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Haven’t You Been Dedicated to Your Cardio, Yet, The Scale is Hardly Moving?

About 13 years ago, I wrote an article that went viral at the time. It was about what I call the ‘aerobic fallacy’. (I will post that article in its entirety next Monday).

Why was it so popular? I believe it was because I had hit a nerve and I wrote about what reality was and is for most people, versus what they had been told.

Back that up with a little science and people loved it.

If you are looking for the science, check back next week. If you want the reader’s digest version of why cardio as most people know it, is a complete waste of time (this’ll be sure to get under the skin of some of the fake fitness experts).

First off, cardio is misunderstood. The way most people refer to cardio; it’s a slow, plodding, long distance affair of the treadmill, a job, the elliptical or something of the sort.

And while yes, that is a form of cardio, it’s not what most should be doing.

The muscular system drives the cardiovascular system. The more muscle you work, the more cardiac output you have.

But let me not get too far ahead of myself.

The main reason most people partake in forms of cardio that they don’t enjoy is because they have been led to believe that weight loss is a simultaneous experience: cut some calories over here, burn some in your workouts and wala, weight should melt off.

I don’t blame you, the student. I blame the fake fitness experts and medical professionals that still teach this. If it worked, you wouldn’t have to go back to it every year when it came time to ‘cut down’.

As I teach my students in the Panda Challenge, the last thing I ever adjust (and very rarely ever have to) is calories.

Assuming you are doing slow, long distance cardio for weight loss, your time is much better spent doing something you enjoy or hitting the weights the way we do at Newell Strength; in a full body, fast (relative to where you are at personally) paced, efficient workout.

First off, your brain will not form a habit around anything you find unpleasant, meaning that it takes a tremendous amount of willpower over a long period of time. Most people do not enjoy being on a treadmill like some human rat.

With that in mind, there are tremendous benefits to going for a nice walk outside, in the fresh air (another article idea I’ll work on for two weeks from today).

When you become a devotee to slow, long distance cardio for the sake of weight loss, you actually program your body to become more efficient at storing and utilizing body fat as your energy source, which is what you are really after if your line of thought is in line with what I described so far.

This sounds good, but it means you can store fat easier and use less of it as an energy source as your body adapts to the demands of your chosen form of slow, long distance cardio.

Worrying about how many calories you burned, while it may be fun and a way to gauge the intensity of your workout, is like worrying about how much muscle you built during a workout with the weights.

The effect of your resistance training is that you actually breakdown muscle (if done appropriately) during your workout, so the effects of muscle building aren’t happening directly during the workout, just as the weight loss effects of your workout are happening during your actual workout.

Again, I will hit you with the science next week, for now, I wanted to plant the seed with a few lines of thought:

-Slow, long distance cardio that you are not fond of, is doing nothing for your weight loss efforts

-You must enjoy whatever the mode of exercise you choose in order for you to form a habit around it long term

-Think about what cardio actually means. Always know why you are doing something that you are doing. If you are unsure, ask the Coach that you have chosen to help you. If they can’t explain it, hire a new Coach and fire them immediately.

Anywho, off to the next article.

-Kyle Newell

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