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Here’s How You Can Be and Look Your Best in the New Normal

Hey guys, for the first time in a long time I am allowing a guest blog on here. Enjoy!

Article was written by Kim Thomas of the US Health Corps.

Beauty is subjective, and so is feeling and looking your best. When trying to reclaim yourself as we see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, you should never forget that looking your best isn't just about your appearance — it's also about what you cannot see. Whether or not you plan to start venturing out for socially distanced outings, here are a few ways you put your best foot forward.

Sleep More

Getting sufficient sleep can be just as important as eating nutritiously and exercising regularly when it comes to wellness. Ensuring that you get enough quality sleep every night is crucial to allow your body to rejuvenate and relax. Sleep also helps you feel more balanced, full of energy, focused, and attentive and enables you to learn and retain information quickly. If a total of eight hours each night is not possible for you, clock in 10 to 12 minutes of power naps throughout the day to give yourself a boost.

Cook More at Home

Your diet is essential in determining your overall mood and physical appearance. You can achieve optimum health by cooking more meals at home as many times a week as you can. Eat out less so that you can control portions, as well as know what you're consuming and how many calories. You may even find cooking a relaxing and enjoyable activity.

Find Physical Activities You Enjoy Doing

Staying physically active doesn't have to be a chore when you find exercises you enjoy doing. For instance, riding your bike, going for a walk around the neighborhood, exercising at home, or hiking on the weekends can ensure good health and improve your overall mood. To kickstart your fitness routine, sign up for a 30-day trial with one of Newell Strength’s professional coaches.

In addition, track your progress and stay on top of your new routines by using technology like smartwatches and fitness apps. Keep your devices, especially your smartphone, protected as you work out to avoid damage.

Use Self-Affirmations

Take five-minute breaks throughout your day to look at yourself in the mirror and remember where you came from and the struggles you've faced up to that moment. Remind yourself that if those challenges did not break you, nothing will. Self-affirmations like 'I am worthy,' 'I am enough,' and 'I can overcome anything' can brighten your day and boost your mood and self-esteem.

Wear Colors That Compliment You

​Preferences aside, knowing what colors look best on you and wearing them will have you feeling more confident. As a general rule, choose colors that do not match your skin exactly as contrast is always good and emphasizes certain aspects of your face or body.

Take Care of Your Skin

According to a study, smooth skin is a significant factor in overall attractiveness since it indicates good health. Besides being more attractive, soft and hydrated skin also makes you feel more confident and raises your self-esteem. If you want that added boost of confidence, start taking care of your skin with appropriate products for your skin type. Follow a dermatologist-backed skincare routine or use natural-only products like olive oil, avocado, and so on.

Seize the Day

We all have days when we don't look or feel our best, but this doesn’t have to be your norm. Seize your days with these tips — life is too short not to feel great!

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