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Hiking in Zero Degree Darkness

Last year, a group of five of us went up to Mount Washington to attempt the Winter Ascent.

3 of the guys made it, me and another did not. We gave it a great attempt, but I was fried mentally by the time I made it above the treeline.

If you aren’t familiar with Mount Washington, you gotta look it up. It’s the highest point on the east coast and some of the craziest weather in the world.

The only thing that I can honestly say that gets my hands sweating is heights. Devon wasn’t even aware of this as it’s not something I talk about often or openly.

Well, that only means of course, I have to go back. I love exploring the human mind and pushing the limits of what is possible for myself.

Part of that of course means physical training. So a day after our last snowstorm, five of the 8 of us that are going back up March 5th met for a 6AM hike over at Round Valley.

It was so cold that my beard was frozen, but that’s a part of the deal.

Place yourself in physical discomfort often, be that through a workout or a challenge or fasting, it brings your brain to a new level.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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