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How About You?


Will it take

To make this the

Year of your life? The Life You

Always dreamed about? The Life that

Would have you going to bed excited at night

And jumping out of bed in the morning? Are you willing

To let that life slip by, to let it just be a thought and nothing more?

Or, are you going to plan out 2021 to be the year you

Take swift action? Slow and steady towards

All that you know you can become and

More? Most people go to the

Graveyard with their

Best still


How about you?

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-We are now accepting trial clients for our January Trinity Transformation. It begins January 4th and we can take up to 10 people per each location. If you are interested, you can reply to this email and we will set up a short call with you. Act now or you’ll miss out until next month.

P.P.S-Our annual Festivus Charity Party for charity will be this Saturday, December 12th. We have live reindeer and it's a good time for all. If you’d like some normalcy in your life and to give the kids some holiday magic, then certainly come. Price of admission is a dish (it’s potluck) and a minimum $10 donation for Mike Scappino.

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