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How’d You Do That?

Two weekends ago, we had a party for my grandmother’s, aka Chrissy, 95th birthday.

We were all hanging out and having a good time, when Suga Shane came up to me and said, ‘How’d you even do that?’

I didn’t know what he was talking about at first.

Apparently, my button up collared shirt was on inside out.

No kidding…

It soon became a spectacle, like a man with a third eye.

Nobody could quite understand how I had done it and let me tell you, I wouldn’t have noticed.

You see, I took it right off the hanger and threw it on.

Everyone had a good belly laugh, including myself.

The lesson, enjoy life, don’t take yourself too seriously. If you are going to laugh about it later, mind as well laugh about it now.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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