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How Many Bears Would You Like With That?

On the second leg of our trip a few weeks ago, we had the great honor of having a bear sighting two nights in a row.

Actually, on the second night, we saw a mama bear and two cubs, front row seats as it were as we were the car that came upon them first.

That makes two years in a row on vacation that we’ve had bear sightings.

I had always wanted to see a bear in the wild, now I’ve seen 5.

You never know when life will present you with a beautiful moment or sighting of something.

Who knows, it may be another 40 or so years before I have another bear sighting or I may never have another bear sighting. Or, maybe it’ll become a regular thing for me.

Each option is just as likely as the next I suppose.

There’s a deeper lesson in that observation if you ponder it.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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