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How Often Do You Do This?

About ten days ago, our kids slept over at my parents house down the shore. Which meant an empty house on Saturday morning.

It didn’t make much difference to me, I still went to our weekly 6am ‘meathead’ workout.

One of the guys said to me, ‘Why aren’t you sleeping in?’ Ha!

‘Because I said, that’s not something I really do.’

Sleeping in can be nice and once in a blue moon, like once a year, I might do it.

But, there’s a lot more I’d rather be doing. I’d rather get to bed early and maybe catch a nice 20 minute afternoon nap.

Love what you do in life so much that there’s nothing you’d rather be doing. This is YOUR life.

Again, nothing wrong with sleeping in, it’s a nice treat. My point is, if you’re hitting snooze too often or wanting to sleep in too often, I’d look at two things: your sleep pattern and how inspired you are by your own life.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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